ViRA (Vibration Reporting & Analysis) is a complete solution for analyzing components on vibration and identification of the cause (e.g. ball bearings, motor bells, waves).
Because : „Best Vibration Is No Vibration“

Here, the use of the analysis in case of problems, over repeated measurements to ensure the technical condition extends to the optimization of modules during operation.

Equipped with a high performance microcontroller and a state-oft-the-art 6-axis inertial MEMS sensor making both fast and highly accurate analysis possible.

The user is supported also by the analysis software with extensive options for configuration of modules (speed ranges), storage of data for trend analysis and a quick overview of the visualization of the frequency spectrum and the vibration contained therein.


Functions of evaluation in detail:
– Easy check for frequency multiples (harmonics)
– Measurement function for sideband analysis
– Storage of frequency spectra
– Offline analysis function (trend, comparison)
– Simple parametrization of the module including sensor options
– Displays the maximum values of an analysis (RPM-range – and resonance investigation)

– Analysis of defective components in seconds  (what shaft / which bearing causing trouble)
– Optimal coordination of components during operation (best place for my FBL System)
– Real-time information on the state model in flight (HoTT telemetry support v4)
– No preventive maintenance, utilization of component life

– Assignment of vibrations in three axes
– Display of the unit that generates vibration
– Display of the average and maximum values
– Alarms when defined thresholds are exceeded
– Live display via PC software or HoTT telemetry v4 (Android to follow)
– Precise localization of faulty components
– Memory for 10 models for individual configuration of speed ranges, alarm limits, trend analysis


Specifications ViRA module:
– Investigation of speeds up to 240000min-1
– USB interface for connection to the PC
– Update capable firmware for new analysis functions and special applications
– Extensive signal filter functions for optimum analysis results
– Dimension: 30x15x15mm base unit, sensor 20x15x7mm
– Weight: 25g, cable length JR connector 15cm,  12cm sensor
– Power supply: 5.5-8.4V
– Power consumption: 50mA (depending on operation mode)


Originally developed for the RC-world, ViRA is just about to conquer other applications, like industrial or aerospace (both diagnostic and monitoring equipment).